For each year of High School, Beacon Star can provide advice about ...

Beacon Star can provide guidance aimed at maximizing a student’s high school years. By looking ahead and laying the proper foundation, the student can avoid falling short in their final year of secondary school when their university applications will start. Our support includes evaluation and recommendations concerning courses selected in high school, summer experiences, and internships. This advice will provide a solid platform for the student in the year prior to their university applications.

Beacon Star can also aid families and students explore the many options for summer school programs abroad and elsewhere. For a student whose second language is English, a summer abroad experience in an English speaking setting will aid the student in becoming familiar with another culture, while also improving their language skills. Such summer experiences can ultimately enhance a student’s application to universities abroad making him or her a more appealing and deserving candidate. 

Education is an ornament in prosperity, and a refuge in adversity
— Aristotle