Advice and counseling will always be tailored to the student's needs, and support will be provided from the beginning of the application process until the time the student has selected where to attend.

  • Are you a High School student considering applying to boarding schools?
  • Have you completed High School and are now thinking about applying to Universities?
  • Are you considering applying to schools abroad? 
  • Or are you thinking of applying to schools in the country where you live? 
  • Perhaps both options appeal to you?
  • It can be hard to know exactly where to begin...

No dream is too big

Helping students gain admission to a desired school regardless of its location is Beacon Star's main objective. Our premiere package achieves this goal in three stages. Guidance through each of the three steps is provided whether the student is applying to a Boarding School, a University for the first time, or whether they might be applying to transfer from one University to another. 

Beacon Star's premiere package provides support and guidance from the initial stage of seeking a school up until the time the student has selected their final academic destination by providing the following for the admissions cycle:

A University should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning
— Benjamin Disraeli