“Beacon Star tailors its advice to the specific needs of the student. Because our main headquarters are based in Asia, families can have local, nearby support. We can meet families in their hometown and welcome the opportunity to do so. We can also easily interact with families in areas outside of Asia.”

The founder and executive director of Beacon Star, Sally Champagne, has extensive and unparalleled experience in the world of competitive college and secondary school admissions – both at Ivy League universities and elsewhere. She draws from over 20 years of experience at Harvard University serving as a Senior Admissions Officer on the undergraduate admissions committee. In addition,Sally has also worked at Yale University, and has been associated with elite secondary schools in the United States.

Beacon Star services are comprehensive and all encompassing. While Beacon Star cannot "get a student into school", it can ensure through its step-by-step guidance that the student will have the best possible chance of being admitted to the school they have selected.

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